TeamLiquid Altitude League

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Team Liquid League
TLAltitude's Mogulus Channel

Week 1 Schedule

Into The Walls vs. Team Solid - Currently streaming on TLAltitude's Mogulus Channel

Default game time: Saturday, May 2nd
ACE vs SnM 3pm EST
fLb vs. UDF 4pm EST
AF vs. V 5pm EST
V vs. UDF Sunday, 6pm EST
Into The Walls vs. v3 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Default game time: Sunday May 3rd
ACE vs. Your Mom Sunday, 2pm EST/8pm CET
Your Mom vs. TS 3pm EST / 9pm CET
v3 vs. Your Mom Sunday, 4pm EST/1pm PST/10pm CET
Into The Walls vs. SnM Sunday, 5pm EST
fLb vs. v3 Sunday, 6pm EST/3pm PST
ACE vs. UDF 7pm EST
AF vs. SnM Sunday, 8pm EST
fLb vs. V 9pm EST
AF vs. TS 10 pm EST