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[[File:SL3 Tourn 3.png]]
[[File:SL3 Tourn 3.png]]
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Balls of steel.jpg

The 3rd season of Sky League ran from January 2nd, 2011 to February 20th, 2011. The format consisted of 6v6 matches on various official maps with best of 1, 3, and 5 series types. Each weekly tournament had a different configuration such as round robin, single and double eliminations, and 15 minute rounds. As the tournament progressed, Dougie updated an extremely convenient google site, found here.


  • A team with less then 5 participants is considered a forfeit.
  • Each map is to 6 goals.
  • There is no time limit for each map.
  • Screen shots must be taken at the ending screen and produced upon request.
  • Each week the games schedule starts at 6pm GMT on the Sunday.
  • Bannings from league/server will only come from actions within server/league play.
  • A team will put 7 players in for every map, in case of disconnect the 7th player (who is sitting) can sub in. Abuse of this rule to constantly sub a player in and out will lead to removal of this privilege for your team.
  • CCN's rulings are final.2.1 5 Minutes past match time if a team has not organized it is a forfeit.
  • Any and all roster changes must be approved by the admins, excess changes will be blocked but otherwise will likely be approved.
  • Evil Is a person.


  • CCN
Founder and head of the sky league competition and member of {ball}
  • Wok3n
Member of &twisted&
  • Shrode
Member of &twisted&
  • Mikesol
APL administrator and member of (T.T)
  • Dougie (Website Administrator)
Founder of the Eurocup league and member of -={8}=-
  • Sinstar
Member of {ball}
  • Evan20000
Member of (T.T)

Map Pool

All official BALL maps were used at the time of Sky League 3. These include: Cave, Lost City, Mayhem2, Core, Grotto, Dark War, Maze, Football, Snow, Labyrinth, and Planepark. Since the conclusion of Sky League 3, more maps have been made official.


These lists of Captains and Team Members represent those who participated in Sky League 3. See the clan's forum thread for present and accurate rosters.

Active Teams

  • Aces High - Tag: AH|
    • Captains: Selfish Lover, Demuyt, Major Payne
    • Team Members: Selfish Lover, Major Payne, Dark Sage, Kaizen, Darknietzsche, Shmo55, OneNeutrino, Hoss Delgado, Jewbacchus, Juno, Vesuvius, LeggoMyEggo, Ron-E, Cazesudo
  • AIR - Tag: =(name)=
    • Captains: SPecial, GUI.tar
    • Team Members: SPecial, GUI.tar, JWhatever, Spart Evo, Mandubienne, PeanutButterJellyTime, Honn, TheSquid&theWhale, Dancingfatman, Sukitox, Patateh, Nicely, Mystery, Matrin
  • Ball - Tag: {ball}
    • Captains: tgleaf, Drunkguava
    • Team Members: Drunkguava, O.o, Polio, Nikon, Gustav, Hollywood, Sinstar, Ball'n, Braiden, CCN, wiseguy, andy, bsteady, elxir
  • Eight Ball - Tag: -={8}=-
    • Captains: Seadog, Shrimpy
    • Team Members: Asound, Bkla, Dougie, Gontar, Huh?, Kazabi, krzo, matteo84, moser.steve, Seadog, Shrimpy
  • Football Club - Tag: FC
    • Captains: Lakospeter, Joaquin
    • Team Members: Airbender, Arpe, bkon, Cpt. Slow, Erratic, GetSome!, Joaquin, Lakospeter, Lisovin, Manive, mue7z3, nEophyten, Pidimas, Rownage
  • Sky Pirates - Tag: {arr}
    • Captains: Gemi, Wyrd, Sunaku
    • Team Members: SkYp, Habeas, Iderik, Trix, Wyrd, Sunaku, Akkargutt, Mortva, Cipso, Dim, Micro, Maleus, Strzy, Strong Coffee
  • Team This Team That - Tag: (T.T)
    • Captain: ufo
    • Team Members: ufo, cannibalsock, on1x, matattack, mikesol, eX, aya, Smushface, ryebone, lekai, hmmmm
  • tVo - Tag: ///tVo
    • Captains: tmic225, Unbreakable
    • Team Members: tmic225, bummeln, carstairs, Considered, Dalek (g0g), Devedse, Mled, Radium, Rojomojo, Sky, Unbreakable, Val, Vimp, York

Inactive Teams

  • Cyber Ballers - Tag: ***(name)***
    • Captain: Link2
    • Team Members: Link2, FrostTwig, TwistedDucky, ExiTeD, Memories, Anders And, Valkyr!e, Polomium, Yandrak, Stone Sondre, Jester
  • Reapers - Tag: [|2]
    • Captain: Distraction
    • Team Members: Distraction, iKillz, Tridecagon, DaPro, trendy11one, Ovni, Ligature, Smoke_You, Haaldre, Gai Daigoji, Nanaht, fod, lillkillen, Nade
  • Twisted - Tag: &(name)&
    • Captains: G00SE, Clapon
    • Team Members: Apathy, Clapon, donk, evilarsenal, G00SE, Ingbo, Kuja900, Maverick, MJ, Shrode, Sunshineduck, Synnik, TheGenesis, Wok3n


Week 1 Tournament

The 1st tournament of Sky League 3 was a best-of-3 series, single elimination format with a best-of-5 series 3rd place and finals match. Seeding was random.

SL3 Tourn 1.png

Week 2 Tournament

The 2nd tournament of Sky League 3 was a best-of-1, double elimination format with a best-of-3 series finals match. Seeding was random.

SL3 Tourn 2.png

Week 3 Tournament

The 3rd tournament of Sky League 3 consisted of best-of-1, 15 minute rounds. The objective was to score the most goals in 15 minutes, unless either team took an 8 goal lead wherein a mercy rule was put into effect.

SL3 Tourn 3.png