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Altitude contains several levels of child safety features.

Overview of Child safety features

Altitude manage account window.jpg
  1. Chat disabled
    • This disables all chat features. You child will not be able to receive or send any user created chat messages. Future versions of Altitude will support built-in safe messages.
  2. Filter swear words
    • Altitude will replace all swear words with asterisks(*). To view or add additional filtered words edit the text file under C:\Program Files\Altitude\config\filtered_swear_words.txt
  3. Verify user made content
    • Enabling this option will keep your child safe from user made maps.
  4. Changing any of these settings requires you to enter the account password
    • This ensures that your child cannot change the safety settings.

Creating a new child safe Altitude Account

Altitude create new account window.jpg
  1. Launch Altitude and click "Create a new account"
  2. Enter your Email address
    • It is best to use your email address and not your childs. This way you will receive an email notification if child safety features are disabled.
  3. Enter a nickname, this is what other players online will see. Do not use your child's real name.
  4. Enter a password for the account
    • Use a password that your child does not known, that way they cannot make changes to the account.
  5. Check the "Child Safe" box
    • This will enable all child safe features mentioned above.
  6. Click "I Agree - Create My Account"
  7. On the "Login - Altitude"
    • Check "Remember me" box
    • Click "Login"
  8. Done!
    • This computer is now set up to automatically login to the account you just created.
  9. If you don't want all child safety features enabled
    • Log in to the account
    • Go to the "Main Menu"
    • Click "Options"
    • Click "Account"
    • Edit the child safety settings to your liking