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;General Game Information
;General Game Information
:[[Your First Flight]]
:[[Your First Flight]]

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Welcome to the Altitude Wiki
The ultimate source on information about Altitude.
We currently have 71 articles.

About Altitude

Deadly weapons. Daredevil pilots. Incredible planes.

Welcome to Altitude, a 2D side-scrolling airplane shooter game created by Erik Measure and Karl Sabo, the founders of Nimbly Games. The best multiplayer 2D aerial combat game on the internet, Altitude is a fierce contest of ace vs ace, battling for supremacy of the skies in a fast paced combat that is way more fun than a flight simulator. It is a game of steely nerves, hair-trigger reflexes and brilliant tactical thinking. With five unique planes to choose from and an online community that will provide you with hours of entertainment, the game will stretch you to the limit from the upper reaches of the stratosphere and the relics of a long forgotten city, to within the deepest hollows of underground caverns. The sirens have sounded, bogies are coming in hot… jump into the fast and agile Loopy and drop your enemies from the sky with a tactical EMP blast - but get out of the way before your Biplane support tears them to pieces with 20mm cannons blazing! Barrel roll through the enemy minefield and arm your nuke as you enter the drop zone. There it is - the enemy base - but two Mirandas just warped in with lasers hot, and an Explodet is lumbering into position over its hangar deck — will you carry your team to victory?

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Maps and Server Hosting

A repository of maps and information on their creation and hosting.

Official Maps
Community Maps
Map Editing (will be consolidated)
General Information
Making Your First Map
Creating a Parallax Effect
Placing Sprites (Images)
Creating Textures (Repeating Images)
Map Upload Database
Dedicated Server Hosting
Server Manual (will be added to)
Popular Servers

Leagues, tournaments, and events organized or endorsed by the Altitude community.

TBD Leagues
Proleague 2010 (Season 4)
Proleague 2010 (Season 3)
Proleague 2009 (Season 2)
Summer League 2009
TeamLiquid League
BALL Leagues (to be continued)
Sky League
Reception and Impact
IGC 2010
Sponsored TL Tournaments

Advice offered by knowledgable players and community contributors.

Miscellaneous Guides
Guide for New Players
Guide to Competitive Altitude
Guide to Using the Forums
Game Mode Specific Guides
Guide to Ball
Plane/Perk Specific Guides
The Loopy Guide
The Bomber Guide
The Explodet Guide
Trickster Guide
Time-Anchor Guide
Recoilless Biplane Guide
Heavy Cannon Biplane Guide
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Helpful directions to frequently visited sites.

Altitude Links
Nimbly Games, LLC
Altitude Game
Official Forums
Steam Forums
3rd Party Links
Altitude Ladder
Altbouncer Database
Australian Portal
Download Mumble