Indie game challenge 2009

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As you may know Altitude was nominated as a finalist in the 2009 Indie Game Challenge.

For being a finalist we got free tickets to the DICE summit, which was awesome (hello bag of schwag). So thus begin our 12 hour trek to Las Vegas... but it was well worth it we got to meet awesome people like Mike Capps (President of Epic Games), Chris Taylor (the man behind gas powered games), and many many others! Among all of these high end game business men was Adam Sessler of G4 TV fame. We had the pleasure of chatting with him several times during the dice event and I have to say he is freaking awesome, everyone should watch his show on G4 to try and absorb some of his awesomeness.

The men that made it all happen (Joseph Olin, Peter Raad). Thanks bunches! They really organized an awesome event for us.

We won the gamers choice award (WHOOT GO GO Altitude players!) We also won the technical achievement award.

Anyways here are some pics from the award ceremony:

IGC 1.jpg
IGC 2.jpg
IGC 3.jpg
IGC 4.jpg
IGC 5.jpg