Green Perks

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Green Perks are available to all planes and can dramatically effect your play style. There are four Green Perks to choose from, which are Rubberized Hull, Heavy Armor, Repair Drone, and Flexible Wings. The category of Green Perks is designed to change the health, survivability, or maneuverability of your plane.

Rubberized Hull

Rubberized Hull.png

This perk gives reduced damage from collisions and reduced effect of concussive knock back from weapons. It is the first of four green perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who are apt to graze into walls or who want less to worry less about their planes speed when getting shot with explosive rounds. It is not only designed to make the user take less damage from collision but also offers rebounding bounce effect off of objects allowing for an increased ability to regain control of the flight of your plane after hitting an object. Although the focus is probably on more of a newer player who isn't as familiar with each plane's flying mechanics, it can be utilized on maps with small enclosures and "death trap" choke points.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor.png

This perk gives the plane a reduction in damage taken from all sources. In effect it gives the user an increased health pool which allows them to fight longer and do more damage without worrying about their plane going down in flames. It is the second of four Green Perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those users who don't have a problem finding health packs to fly over to regain health or those who don't mind the occasional trip back to their home base to recharge their health. In a dog fight, a user with heavy armor can be difficult to take down as it requires a higher amount of damage output from the enemy plane. It can be well suited to those players who enjoy playing a defensive game strategy as the proximity of their base allows them to recharge their health much easier than a player who extends far behind enemy lines.

Repair Drone

Repair Drone.png

This perk gives an damaged plane small increments of health over time while the user is not afterburning. It is the third of four Green Perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who want to quickly return to battle after taking non-fatal damage to their plane. Without this perk a user must either fly over a health pack from a destroyed plane or fly over a health pack power-up spawn in order to gain health back. As is the hazard with any dog fight, the winner often has taken some damage to attain the victory. This perk offers players a continual source of health in order to stay on the front lines of battle and not have to either retreat to regain health or enter a new dog fight with the handicap of reduced health. It is well suited for those who enjoy playing an offensive game strategy as health can be hard to come by when you are deep within enemy territory.

Flexible Wings

Flexible Wings.png

This perk gives an increased turning ability even when traveling at high speeds. It is the fourth, and final, of four Green Perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who want to be able to out maneuver enemy planes in a dog fight. The ability to turn on an enemy and unleash your firepower before they are able to do the same can often mean the difference between living and dying. This perk is a departure from the other three Green Perks as it does not offer any aid to the plane's health. This perk relies heavily on a players flying abilities to determine its usefulness. This perk is best used once a player feels comfortable flying. User's who choose this perk should be very comfortable with not only their plane's strengths and weaknesses but also have keen sense of knowing when to fight and when to turn and regroup their efforts.