Blue Perks

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Blue Perks are available to all planes and can dramatically effect your play style. There are four Blue Perks to choose from, which are Turbo Charger, Ultracapacitor, Reverse Thruster, and Ace Instincts. The category of Blue Perks is designed to change the damage output, energy availability, and energy usage of your plane.

Turbo Charger


This perk increases the energy charge rate of your plane.



This perk increases your plane's maximum energy.

Reverse Thruster

This perk gives...

Ace Instincts

Ace Instincts.png

With ever 10 experience a player receives in a single life results in a bar above the plane. Each bar archived gives the plane a bonus in speed, power, and agility. Ace instincts increases the increase given with each bar by 50%. This perk is most useful with long life and is best noticed once reaching max bars, turning any plane into an unstoppable force.